Tabata Pro Support

What's New?

Tabata Pro 3.5 [Released 08/2011]

  • [FIXED]: Crash on startup for iOS 5
  • [IMPROVED]: audio routing behavior
  • [IMPROVED]: User interface and 100% retina display support
  • [ADDED]: Vibration setting for supported devices
  • [ADDED]: Ability to turn on or off each speaking coach phrase.
  • [ADDED]: Ability to turn on or off countdown sound

Tabata Pro 3.0 [Released 04/2011]

  • [IMPROVED]: Workout DJ enhancements - Set songs with playlists, and customize rest phase actions/music.
  • [ADDED]: Multitasking support- Tabata Pro now will keep running in the background when you exit with the session running.
  • [ADDED]: New advanced timer settings - Skip final rest, and skip preparation between tabatas
  • [ADDED]: Support for landscape orientation on both iPhone & iPad
  • [ADDED]: External display support - You can connect your device to an external display and Tabata Pro will display a screen on the external display specially designed for large displays.
  • [ADDED]:Integrated help manual

Tabata Pro 2.0 [Released 07/2010]

  • [IMPROVED]: Status bar now visible during session
  • [ADDED]: iPad Support
  • [ADDED]: Timer Presets
  • [ADDED]: Final rest audio alert
  • [ADDED]: Volume control for sounds
  • [ADDED]: Screen blink setting
  • [ADDED]: Workout DJ feature
  • [ADDED]: How to manual
  • [ADDED]: Japanese language and coach support