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The Challenge

Jillian Michaels company Empowered Media, LLC contacted us and needed a custom timer for the new JILLIAN MICHAELS BODYSHRED class.

  • Functional to use in three weeks.
  • Final timer needed in seven weeks.
  • Simple to use interface.
  • User interface and icon design.
  • Quality alert sounds.
  • Music integration.
  • Distribute via Apple's B2B program.
Design Chart

Our Performance

We started with an object-oriented design that allows the timer to be easily configurable and extensible.

This approach turned out to be key to our success later on.

We planned the project specifying delivery dates of each release.

Our simple approach to project management allowed us to quickly execute the plan.

We beat the delivery date of every release.

Deliver Chart
Iterate Chart

Being ahead of schedule gave us time to iterate and optimize the product with the client.

The client field tested each version and provided us immediate feedback.

The flexible architecture of the timer allowed us to make changes quickly and respond with updates immediately.

We iterated the product until it was optimized.

The Result

Bodyshred Results

"SimpleTouch was amazing! They were professional, lightning fast and created an amazing product. We had high expectations and they still over delivered."

- Jessica Tornek VP Business Strategy & Operations, Empowered Media, LLC

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