Boxing Timer Pro

Boxing Timer Pro

Boxing Timer Pro - Boxing Timer app for iPhone iPad and iOS

A professional boxing timer for iOS.

We believe we have engineered the best round training timer for iOS. Boxing Timer Pro is a fully configurable boxing round timer for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Designed for training in any round sport such as boxing, MMA, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, wrestling or for any other round timer uses.

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Boxing Timer Pro for iPad from SimpleTouch.

iPhone + iPad

Use Boxing Timer Pro on your iPhone and your iPad. It's a universal app so it runs on both!

Use Boxing Timer Pro on an external display

TV Timer

Boxing Timer Pro’s TV Timer feature displays a full-size gym timer on your TV when you turn on Screen Mirroring to your Apple TV. learn more

Your Presets

Program your presets with the time, sounds, and music you want, and give it your own name.

Boxing Timer Pro Presets

Great Sounds

You'll love the nine high quality authentic gym alert sounds you can choose from for all alerts.

Boxing Timer Pro Sounds

Workout DJ

Have Workout DJ play your music automatically when you start your session.

Workout DJ

Repeat Mode

Want to repeat rounds with no limit? Set rounds to 0 to enter "round repeat mode".

Boxing Timer Pro, round repeat mode

Warning Time

Always know when your round is about to end by setting a warning time, and sound.

Boxing Timer Pro, set warning time

Clear Simple Design

The design of the user interface is simple and straight forward and easy to see from across the room.

Boxing Timer Pro, multitasking