iRecorder Pro

iRecorder Pro

iRecorder - Recorder for iPhone, iPod touch

Recorder for iPhone + iPad

iRecorder pro is a quick and easy to use recorder for iPhone and iPad, with Wi-Fi transfer to any computer.

iRecorder is designed to be quick and easy to use.

Great for on-the-go capture of your thoughts, ideas, notes-to-self, lectures, concerts, music, you name it! Record for hours, or just seconds.

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iRecorder, Recording

Crystal clear recordings.

Start recording with one tap! Pause and resume recording anytime. Record for hours or just seconds.

iRecorder, Playing

Playback with ease.

Tap a recording to play it. Swipe the seek bar to quickly and precisely position to any point in your recording. Pause and resume playback at any time.


Put your recordings in any order you want.

iRecorder, Re-order your recordings.


One tap to rename your recordings.

iRecorder, Rename recordings.

Wi-Fi sync

Download recordings to any computer using Wi-Fi sync.

iRecorder, Wi-Fi Sync to any computer.

iRecorder recorder for iPad

iPhone + iPad

Use iRecorder on iPhone and iPad. It's a universal app so it runs on both!