Custom apps for business

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Tailored Apps that meet your unique business needs:

If your business is looking for ways to extend the capabilities of your iOS devices, we can meet your unique needs by developing a custom business app.

  • Apps custom made for your specific need
  • Tailored look and feel, such as company logo and branding
  • Cloud + database integration
  • Security features for sensitive or private company data
  • Custom features for partners, dealers, or franchises
  • Universal apps for iPhone + iPod Touch + iPad

Distributed to you privately.

Your custom app, as well as each update of the app, will be submitted for B2B distribution and goes through an app review process with Apple. The same app review guidelines for App Store apps apply for custom B2B apps. Once your app is approved, you can sign in and download the apps through Apple's business program website.You can conveniently distribute the app to your team with redemption codes.

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