Tabata Pro - Tabata Timer app for Android

A quality tabata timer for Android.

We believe we have engineered the best tabata timer for Android. Tabata Pro is a powerful tabata timer. It is full featured, simple to use, and designed for tabata interval training, weight training, running, cycling, or any interval fitness training.

Tabata Pro, Prepare
Tabata Pro, Work
Tabata Pro, Rest

Easy setup.

Touch what you want to change to set cycles, tabatas, prepare time, work time, and rest time. All times can be set in 1 second increments up to 60 minutes!

Tabata Pro for iPad by SimpleTouch

Tablet support

Tabata Pro for Android will work great on your tablet!

Tabata Pro, multiple tabatas, tabata this

Multiple tabatas.

Do advanced "Tabata This" training using Tabata Pro's multiple tabatas feature. Your entire tabata routine is repeated for the number of tabatas selected.

Tabata Pro Presets

Your presets.

Program your presets with the sound and timer settings you want, and easily switch between them.

All settings are tied to the preset, therefore you can set-up separate configurations for different training activities.

Workout DJ

Recovery + Cool down

Set a specific recovery time between tabatas and a seperate cool down setting that runs at the end of your workout.

Tabata Pro Multitasking


Need to switch to a different app during your session? Tabata Pro will keep running in the background!

While running in the background you will continue to hear Tabata Pro's speaking coach, and clear alerts letting you know when it is time to work, and time to rest.

Tabata Pro, speaking coach

Speaking Coach.

Never forget where you are in your session, even when Tabata Pro is running in the background.

The speaking coach alerts you when it is time to work and rest, making it easy for you to follow your routine.