Boxing Timer Pro

Boxing Timer Pro


Using an External Display

About External Display Support

This app is designed to display video out to an external display. When you connect your device to an external display, it will show a screen specially designed for large/external displays.

We have made it seamless to use an external display with your apps. Connect the display either before or while the app is running, and everything will just work.

Using AirPlay

You can use your device's AirPlay feature to connect wirelessly to an Apple TV or a supporting Smart TV. You can find more information about this feature at Apple's AirPlay page.

Externam Display - WiFi

Using Wired Connection

You can use a wired connection between your device and external display. To do so, you will need an HDMI Adapter (newer TVs and monitors) or VGA Adapter (older monitors).

Externam Display - WiFi

Warning: It is important to consider the ages of your device and external display, and what output/inputs they support before purchasing an adapter. Older devices and external didplays MAY NOT be supported.

Last Updated: 1/28/2022