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Recovering Lost Recordings

If you accidentally delete an important recording, there are a few ways to recover the recording if a backup of your device has been made that contains the lost file.

Do not backup or sync your phone after you have lost your files. You risk overwriting your backup that contains the lost files.

About iTunes Backups

iTunes makes a backup of your devices data each day when you sync your device with your computer. This backup contains your devices settings, and some application data. iRecorder recordings are backed-up with the phone backup.

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About Backup Extractor (Mac OS X)

Backup extractor is a utility program for Mac OS X that can be used to "extract" the files from iTunes backups without restoring an entire backup to your device. This is helpful if you are just trying to recover a few lost files.

  1. Download Backup Extractor
  2. Copy Backup Extractor to your desktop or Applications folder
  3. Launch Backup Extractor
  4. Select read backups
  5. In the list of applications select RECORDER.
  6. You will be prompted where to save the file. Save to your desktop.
  7. Go into the folder on your desktop called com.simpletouch.Recorder. Then into the Documents subfolder. Your recordings will be in there.

About Backup Extractor (Windows)

There is also a Backup extractor utility for Windows available that may also help Windows users recover files from your iTunes backups.

Download Back-up Extractor for Windows