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Settings Guide

Timer Screen

Setting Description
Tap to toggle sound on and off, even in the middle of your session.
Preset Tap to cycle between your presets. Presets are labeled T1 through T4.
Tap to open the Settings Screen.

In addition to the above settings, various elements on the Timer Screen can be tapped to quickly change settings of your current selected preset.

Settings Screen

Presets: Tabata Pro comes with four presets, each labled from T1 to T4. The settings below apply to each preset individually, allowing you to have up to four completely different workouts saved at any given time.

MusicWorkout DJ

Workout DJ is an optional feature that allows you to automatically play selected music from your device's library during different phases of your workout. You can choose from Playlists, Songs, Albums, and Artists.

Setting Description
Prepare Music Prepare Select music that will play during prepare phase.
Work Music Work Select music that will play during work phase.
Rest Music Rest Select music that will play during rest phase.
Recover Music Recover Select music that will play during recover phase.
Cooldown Music Cooldown Select music that will play during cooldown phase.


Setting Description
Volume Slider Adjusts the volume of your alerts and sounds.


Setting Description
Sound Toggle all sound cues on/off.
Blinking Toggle blinking on/off. If set, flashing effects will occur depending on phase and status of session.
Halfway Toggle halfway on/off. If set, an alert will play at the halfway point during work phase.
Countdown Toggle countdown on/off. If set, an alert will play at 3, 2, and 1 seconds of each phase.
Haptics Toggle haptics on/off. If set, turns on haptic feedback along with other selected alerts.
Speech Toggle speech on/off. If set, voice cues will accompany sound cues.


Setting Description
Work Select to set work alert sound. Plays at the start of work phase.
Rest Select to set rest alert sound. Plays at the start of rest phase.
Halfway Select to set halfway alert sound. Plays at the halfway point of work phase.
Countdown Select to set countdown alert sound. Plays at 3, 2, and 1 seconds of each phase.
Timer End Select to set timer end alert sound. Plays when the timer is finished.


Setting Description
Starting Session Toggle starting session voice cue on/off.
Stopping Session Toggle stopping session voice cue on/off.
Pausing Session Toggle pausing session voice cue on/off.
Work Toggle work voice cue on/off.
Rest Toggle rest voice cue on/off.
Tabata Complete Toggle tabata complete voice cue on/off.
Session Complete Toggle session complete voice cue on/off.


Setting Description
Tabatas Tabatas Select to set number of tabatas.
Cycles Cycles Select to set number of cycles in each tabata.
Prepare Prepare Select to set prepare time. Prepare is the time before your workout begins, and optionally between each tabata.
Work Work Select to set work time. Work is the time you exercise during your workout session.
Rest Rest Select to set rest time. Rest is the time you rest during your workout session.
Recover Recover Select to set recover time. Recover plays between each tabata, excluding the final tabata.
Cooldown Cooldown Select to set cooldown time. Cooldown plays after the final tabata.
Skip Final Rest Toggle skip final rest on/off. If set, rest phase will be ignored on the final cycle of each tabata.


Here you incorporate your workout into Apple Health. You can choose to save your workout to Apple Health as a "Workout" or "Mindfullness" session.

More on Apple Health can be found here.

Support: A link to our in-app support system can be found at the bottom of the settings screen.

Last Updated: 2/02/2022