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Release Notes

Tabata Pro 3.12.7 Released (03/04/2021)

  • Fixed
  • Fix crash when using Workout DJ (1999)

Tabata Pro 3.12.6 Released (02/24/2021)

  • Fixed
  • Fix crash when using Workout DJ (1998)

Tabata Pro 3.12.5 Released (02/22/2021)

  • Fixed
  • Fix resume music when using Workout DJ (1993)

Tabata Pro 3.12.4 Released (12/22/2020)

  • Fixed
  • App hangs when trying to play music from Workout DJ (1994)

Tabata Pro 3.12.3 Released (11/07/2020)

  • Fixed
  • Internal bug fix. (1984)

Tabata Pro 3.12.2 Released (11/05/2020)

  • Improved
  • Internal improvements. (1980)
  • Fixed
  • Status bar is disappearing on session screen (1981)

Tabata Pro 3.12.1 Released (10/26/2020)

  • Added
  • Add total time to top of tabata preset configuration displays. (1966)
  • Improved
  • Minor UI improvements. (1975)
  • Internal improvements. (1967, 1973)
  • Fixed
  • App crash when pressing sound button. (1977)
  • Tabata Complete phrase not playing. (1974)

Tabata Pro 3.12.0 Released (10/05/2020)

  • Added
  • Add total time to top of tabata preset display. (1954)
  • Improved
  • Minor UI improvements. (1960, 1961)
  • Internal improvements. (1942, 1952)
  • Update Firebase to 6.33.0. (1955)

Tabata Pro 3.11.0 Released (08/31/2020)

  • Improved
  • Improved External Display UI (1912)
  • Internal improvements. (1943, 1944, 1948)

Tabata Pro 3.10.10 Released (08/11/2020)

  • Improved
  • Internal improvements. (1908, 1921, 1927, 1928, 1933)
  • Fixed
  • Extraneous logging.(1932)

Tabata Pro 3.10.9 Released (07/22/2020)

  • Fixed
  • Fixes a graphics rendering issue on iOS 11 causing colors to be missing in the user interface.

Tabata Pro 3.10.8 Released (07/20/2020)

  • Improved
  • Dark mode support
  • Increases sensitivity of alert volume on Apple Watch.
  • Improves performance starting session when Workout DJ is active.(1826)
  • Fixed
  • Fixes a rare crash that can occur when the audio output format is changed during an active session.(1844, 1845)

Tabata Pro 3.10.5 Released (10/22/2019)

  • Improved
  • iOS 13 compatibility updates.
  • Fixed
  • Workout DJ plays random songs on iOS 13.(1832)

Tabata Pro 3.10.4 Released (10/14/2019)

  • Added
  • Added a halfway alert to work interval.
  • Improved
  • Improved performance when interval duration is less than 5 seconds.
  • Improved performance starting timer when using Workout DJ.
  • Add haptics for starting session on Apple Watch.
  • Improvements to sound service to make it more robust.
  • Fixed
  • Album art does not show up for various media types in audio library browser.
  • Workout DJ dependability issues related to resuming music.
  • External audio playback stops when launching app.
  • Crash caused by multithreaded access to log instances.
  • Properly handle migration of library items contained in settings.

Tabata Pro 3.10.3 Released (09/09/2019)

  • Improved
  • Improve launch time by loading audio buffers lazily.
  • Build resilience in to sound service to be able to handle interruptions in a more flexible way. For example, when Siri is recording.
  • Fixed
  • Fix a crash related to searching audio library with podcast episode results.
  • An issue that could cause Workout DJ to play random songs from entire library on iOS 13. (MPMusicPlayerController looses queue after preparing on iOS 13.)

Tabata Pro 3.10.2 Released (08/23/2019)

  • Added
  • Program quick-set keys on the duration and count pickers with a long-press gesture.
  • Manually enable water lock during timer session from a deep-press gesture menu item.
  • Current interval progress bar added to the secondary session screen on Apple Watch.
  • Set the alert volume in preset settings on Apple Watch.
  • Improved
  • Pause/resume the timer with a double-tap gesture on the secondary session screen on Apple Watch.
  • Fixed
  • Resolves Workout DJ view layout errors.
  • Session screen should not shut off after the timer is paused and resumed.
  • Session resume button layout on the 38mm watch.
  • Analytics event logging not logging because of default log level.
  • Regression in Workout DJ where music should continue if resume is selected in a cycle. (17685, 17706)

Tabata Pro 3.10.1 Released (08/12/2019)

  • Improved
  • Swimming activities on Apple Watch automatically enable water lock.
  • Audio library picker placeholder artwork and audio type images.
  • Watch workout summary should indicate in green when 100% complete.
  • Double tap session screen on watch to pause session.
  • Watch session should honor pause/resume request by two-button gesture.
  • Added impact feedback to picker view quick-set keys.
  • Haptics is now on by default on watch
  • Fixed
  • Alert does not play on timer start for first interval.
  • Changing sound-on in settings not reflected on preset screen.
  • A crash could occur while searching audio library.
  • Searching audio library results out of sequence causing overwrite of results.
  • Audio library picker layout errors.
  • Some playlist images not showing artwork or placeholder artwork.
  • Watch workout summary has inaccurate total time and percent complete.
  • Launch screen missing.
  • First segment in a workout not being saved to workout metadata in Apple Health.
  • Zero duration timer crashes on start.
  • Crash when heart rate sample date is prior to current energy burn segment.
  • Crash caused by sound engine not being re-configured following start recovery attempt.
  • Regression in Workout DJ where same playlist in consecutive intervals with shuffle on no longer advancing to next song.
  • Timer session interface can get stuck on watch caused by false assumption of interface controller lifetime guarantee.

Tabata Pro 3.10.0 Released (07/29/2019)

  • Added
  • New Tabata Pro Apple Watch app.
  • Log sessions to Apple Health as workouts or mindfulness.
  • Added help and support integrated into the app.
  • User can now control sharing of analytics.
  • Added new timer cooldown interval.
  • New audio library browser with search and recent selections allows selection of songs, albums, and artists in addition to playlists for Workout DJ.
  • New quick-keys allow quick selection of duration and counts.
  • Minimum iOS version updated to 11.2
  • Improved
  • Improved reliability of power management.
  • Minor user interface improvements.
  • Fixed
  • Fixed bug where changing the preset in the tabata preset settings screen was not updating the display for the current preset.

Tabata Pro 3.9.8 Released (06/17/2019)

  • Added
  • Firebase performance monitoring.
  • Allow user to join beta from within app. (REJECTED BY APPLE)
  • Fixed
  • Fix rare crash in Workout DJ settings screen when activating.

Tabata Pro 3.9.7Released 10/31/2018

  • Added
  • Support for iOS 12.1 / iPad Pro 3rd Generation screen size
  • Fixed
  • iPhone SE layout

Tabata Pro 3.9.6Released 10/26/2018

  • Improved
  • Shuffle now uses Swift 4.2
  • Fixed
  • Fix MediaPlayer crash due to access from wrong thread.

Tabata Pro 3.9.5Released 10/01/2018

  • Reverted
  • Fix a crash that sometimes occurs in media player. (Attempt: 2)

Tabata Pro 3.9.4Released 9/21/2018

  • Added
  • Support for new screen sizes. (iPhone XS MAX, iPhone XR)
  • Compatibility with iOS 12
  • Upgrade to Swift 4.2
  • Fixed
  • Fix a crash that sometimes occurs in media player (Attempt: 2)

Tabata Pro 3.9.3Released 5/31/2018

  • Fixed
  • Crash caused by some media library searches.

Tabata Pro 3.9.2Released 4/18/2018

  • Added
  • Added 'Keep Playing' option for Workout DJ
  • Added ability to select sounds per interval
  • Added ability to select no sound on a per interval basis
  • Added ability to select countdown sound
  • Added ability to select timer end sound
  • Added a global switch to turn on/off speech
  • Added version number in settings
  • Firebase Analytics / Crashalytics integrated
  • Improved
  • Improved speech voice
  • Improved performance and power efficiency
  • Only show media options when music is selected
  • Only show resume media option for work and rest intervals
  • Fixed
  • Rare random crash in core timer
  • Timer freezes when playlist has no items
  • In some cases media player shuffles when shuffle not selected in Workout DJ
  • Timer is unresponsive when starting a session when music player is in a 'not playing' state

Tabata Pro 3.8.4Released 11/28/2017

  • Improved
  • Layout on iPad
  • Fixed
  • Music does not resume on iOS 11

Tabata Pro 3.8.3Released 11/10/2017

  • Added
  • Periodic request for rating
  • Improved
  • UI refinements
  • Fixed
  • Music not starting after cycle in some cases

Tabata Pro 3.8.2Released 10/18/2017

  • Added
  • Added large title support for settings views on iOS 11
  • Support for iOS 11 and new devices
  • Improved
  • Improved accessibility
  • VoiceOver now announces beginning of each segment
  • Fixed
  • Workout DJ does not shuffle music
  • Workout DJ not storing options unless other changes made to timer
  • Titles disappear on dynamic text change
  • Crash when changing recover time while using external display
  • Timer crash / accuracy when no remaining time in segment
  • Workout DJ not saving options upon app termination, unless other changes made to timer during app session
  • Removed
  • Volume control for Workout DJ is no longer supported

Tabata Pro 3.8.1 Released 9/22/2017

  • Reverted
  • Revert back to original sounds
  • Fixed
  • Stopping music from external music apps

Tabata Pro 3.8Released 8/22/2017

  • Added
  • 64-bit compatibility
  • iPad split screen support
  • Recover time between tabatas
  • Additional preset
  • Improved
  • Redesign Workout DJ
  • UI refinements
  • Warning and work sound
  • External display redesign
  • Power efficiency

Tabata Pro 3.7Released 8/02/2013

  • Improved
  • Timer keeps running if a phone call comes in during session
  • Retina support
  • Fixed
  • When pressing a settings button in iOS 5 the display panel does not update
  • No sounds after interruption
  • Total time errors
  • Workout DJ not working in background

Tabata Pro 3.6Released 9/21/2011

  • Fixed
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Tabata Pro 3.5Released 8/25/2011

  • Added
  • Vibration setting for supported devices
  • Ability to turn on or off each speaking coach phrase.
  • Ability to turn on or off countdown sound
  • Improved
  • audio routing behavior
  • User interface and 100% retina display support
  • Fixed
  • Crash on startup for iOS 5

Tabata Pro 3.0.2Released 5/10/2011

  • Fixed
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Tabata Pro 3.0.1Released 4/25/2011

  • Fixed
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Tabata Pro 3.0Released 4/11/2011

  • Added
  • Multitasking support- Tabata Pro now will keep running in the background when you exit with the session running.
  • New advanced timer settings - Skip final rest, and skip preparation between tabatas
  • Support for landscape orientation on both iPhone & iPad
  • External display support - You can connect your device to an external display and Tabata Pro will display a screen on the external display specially designed for large displays.
  • Integrated help manual
  • Improved
  • Workout DJ enhancements - Set songs with playlists, and customize rest phase actions/music.

Tabata Pro 2.0Released 7/24/2010

  • Added
  • iPad Support
  • Timer Presets
  • Final rest audio alert
  • Volume control for sounds
  • Screen blink setting
  • Workout DJ feature
  • How to manual
  • Japanese language and coach support
  • Improved
  • Status bar now visible during session

Tabata Pro 1.1Released 2/05/2010

  • Fixed
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Tabata Pro 1.0Released 1/18/2010

  • Initial release